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12-05-2012, 10:52 AM
springtime hockey!
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Originally Posted by landskronala View Post
All Euro hockey is not the same thing. KHL and SEL is soft yes, but not DEL, NLA och SM-liga.

And when its playoff even KHL and SEL is quite gritty.
thanks for that.

On the History Of Hockey board they have some old SEL games from the 60s (if I recall correctly) and the level of play and chippiness is pretty intense.

North Americans are generally pretty narrow-minded to think that hockey is somehow "soft" in other regions. It's a very fast, highly competitive game and at a high level (in any country) the sheer speed and stakes makes for a pretty great and hardly soft game!

The NHL has the fastest game with the smallest ice and the biggest players - hence, much more physical play and a requirement to be able to play in that environment.

I don't doubt that a player like Linus Omark is incredibly talented/skilled. He displayed a lot of pure talent in Edmonton but ultimately, is not suited to NHL hockey. He's a very effective player in Europe though.

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