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12-05-2012, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Agreed, it's ridiculous to say that Hall is much faster than Seguin. In fact, Seguin might actually be the better skater due to his agility although there's no arguing that Hall is the faster skater.

As for the rest of the attributes......

Shooting - Seguin: Hall has more velocity on his shot but Seguin is far more accurate plus he has a better backhand.

Passing - Seguin: Hall is a pretty good passer at times but he makes some really odd decisions with his passing at times. Seguin is a top notch playmaker

Defense - Seguin but very close: Neither are very polished defensively, both have a lot of work to do. Seguin is hugely benefitted by having Bergeron show him the ropes.

Leadership - Hall: It's really hard to quantify this but Hall just oozes leadership skills. There is no doubt from anybody in the Oiler inner circle about who the real leader of the team is. Hall is also very media savvy while Seguin seems very standoffish.
Hall also leads with his on ice play, he constantly drives the play of his line and plays every shift like it's his last one.
Offensive Instincts - Seguin but close: Seguin is more instinctual, has a natural feel for the game while Hall relies on his physical gifts and determination to create offense.
Physicality - Hall, not even remotely close: Not much more needs to be said, thought it was obvious.
Durability - Seguin: I do think that Hall's injury concerns are overblown since a lot of them were flukey but there's no denying that Seguin is the more durable of the two at least thus far.
Grit - Hall: Didn't think that Physicality and Grit needed separate categories.

Overall Offense: Fairly even, slight edge to Segiun
Overall Defense: Slight edge to Seguin here as well

Better Player Now: Too close to call, probably Hall.
Better Player Later: As much as it pains me, probably Seguin by a bit. When comparing 2 players with equally good skillsets, you generally give an edge to the player with more hockey sense which is Seguin.
However, i would still take Hall on my team anyday over Seguin because he has that "it" factor. I have rarely seen a player with Hall's determination shift after shift no matter what the score is. It's incredible to watch plus he's a natural born leader, i'm not sure if i could say the same for Seguin.

The bottom line is that both are great players and both teams should be thrilled with both.
It worked out perfectly because Hall is the ideal fit in Edmonton where he can lead an up and coming, young team and be allowed to play his game, he also has the personality to deal well with the fishbowl atmosphere in Edmonton while Seguin is the perfect fit in Boston because he was able to be eased into the league and didn't have to deal with the pressure of carrying the load and being under a microscope in a hockey mad market. I don't think that Seguin would have done as well in Edmonton.
Great post, except for Seguin being "standoffish" with the media, don't agree with that at all. In fact, I think he relishes being in the media spotlight.

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