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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Keep in mind that newspapers indicate that Lehman was widely considered the best goalie "out west," which would have included the WCHL, as well as the PCHA. WCHL and PCHA played regular season games against each other some seasons, so fans of one would have been familiar with players in the other.
That's a good point. Adding the WCHL into the mix, we get the following:

Hal Winkler, Sammy Hebert, Bill Laird, Charlie Reid

Add Bill Benney, who played most of the season in place of Reid

Exit Hebert, replaced by George Hainsworth
Exit Laird, replaced by Red McCusker
Exit Benney, as Reid played the whole season

Add Hap Holmes and Herb Stuart

Add Lehman himself, replacing Reid

I'm going to go back and add these to the prior list, to make it more complete.

I'm not sure these additions make much difference in the first couple of seasons, with the inferior Winkler being the only notable. Being the best goalie out west still seems like being the best goalie in the WHA -- definitely an important honor, but not the same as being the best in a better league.

But after the 1924 merger we have Hainsworth, Holmes and Lehman. I think a close look at those seasons is in order, particularly 1926 when we have some head-to-head between Hainsworth and Lehman.

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