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Originally Posted by Kyle Brodziak View Post
The first part of you talking about dana being in the business of selling fights? You said "diaz's antics and pot smoking are something anyone from the outside sees (including me) as disrespectful and such a waste of talent". I don't see what I'm missing here. I agree with Diaz skipping out on press conferences as being pretty disrespectful but I don't see how smoking pot is lumped into that or the source of the blame. He missed out on a champion vs champion fight that never would of happened anyway and then went on to headline a ppv against a former champ, take condits title shot from him, and headline an interim title fight. I don't see how his "pot smoking" is being regarded as disrespectful or wasting talent.

You can argue that he has got suspended from it, but what he tested positive for was ********. He tested positive for thc molecules in his metabolites, I really don't see how that has is enhancing his training and performance on fight night. Matt Riddle tested straight up positive for marijuana and nothing was heard until his 90 day suspension was almost already up and he was scheduled to fight again, and I think same thing is happening right now with Jake Shields, but when it comes to diaz its a year suspension and I won't be surprised if he has a lot of trouble trying to get reinstated. Meanwhile overeem gets popped for elevated levels of testerone and gets 9 months and won't have any problem getting reinstated and is already being promoted for an upcoming fight. I think it's pretty brutal how Nick is being made an example of with all of this, the nsac is a pretty big joke

Nate is a carbon copy of Nick, I don't see how his antics or pot smoking have hurt him in any way. The difference is he knows he needs to play the game and show up to press stuff, which Nick has a hard time doing but I don't see how any of that can be blamed on a plant, imo

weither it is performance enhancing or not doesnt change the fact that it is deemed illegal by the athletic commissions. Overeem is just as disrespectul in my opinion for failing a drug test as well. I love watching both of them fight, but if i bought tickets to an event they were on and then had them pull out because of HGH/weed or whatever the hell they arent allowed to have i would be pissed. the rules arent made up as they go along, the fighters clearly know what they are and they choose to ignore them. It is disrespectful to the sport and the fans who pay to see them. because of nick diaz getting high and skipping press conferences we missed out on GSP/Diaz. we were supposed to get to see JDS vs Overeem, instead we have to watch JDS one punch cain again. your feeling on weither it is right or wrong to suspend for smoking weed doesnt change the fact it is still illegal in the eyes of the commission.

I agree that Nate has no problem skirting the system, never missed a fight, never missed an appearance.

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