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12-05-2012, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
You being like Bissonnette? Now there's an interesting concept. Maybe you are a little bit more like him than you believe. He's being judged for saying immature, slightly offensive, and certainly controversial things on the internet. Kind of that boyish, macho-ish brand of humor that is often the target of eyerolling. The exact thing most in this thread stand in judgement of Bissonnette for.

Ironic what you've posted in the last thirty minutes in the lock out thread:

...the kind of comments that could've been copied and pasted right from the BizNasty2.0 twitter page.

Combined with the prostitution comments, and I'm starting to get a pretty clear picture, here. Problem with women? Fair to judge you based on comments you made in jest on the internet?
Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Yes, irresponsible tweeting from a wealthy 27 year old, like prostitution is:

Potentially dangerous
Potentially hazardous to ones health and
Typically illegal, as well as morally frowned upon

I forgot.
No you guys are missing one clear thing: I (as is everyone else) am doing this under the cloak of anonymity. If I were to openly act like BizNasty then I would be looked upon as an idiot, and probably be committing career suicide, because unlike that clown my work actually makes a difference to people, and unlike that clown people respect me. That isn't a big brag either, I am sure most of use here are respectable and respected people.

So that's why I take a bite out of BizNasty: people like him, but nobody respects him anymore, and that's a hell of a burden to take into your 30's.

If he wasn't an idiot he'd keep his humour and dumb comments to anonymous boards, as we do.

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