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12-05-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I know you're passionate about the lockout, but think of it from a business standpoint. You've got a bunch of people that don't know the other side's point of view in a room being updated on the labor strike. They have questions that the NHLPA cannot always answer or need the league's clarification on their stance.

Enter NHL rep Bill Daly that is privvy to all discussions and can clarify what the league has been saying if needed. The rest of the time he is quietly present to help keep the bridges on both sides of the discussion open.

This isn't a war, I'm sure both sides will return to work just fine afterwards when they start seeing their checks coming in.
The idea that the players weren't getting all the information, or didn't know exactly what was going on was a tactic to divide the players from the leadership. The same way the PA tried to divide the owners from Bettman.

If either side doesn't know what the others POV, or stance is three months into the lockout, then they need to remove themselves from the process because they're idiots. The only purpose any meeting has is for one or both sides to move in the other's direction on something to get closer to a deal.

If they want to paint it in a way that new voices are being heard, so they can save face when they cave on what they've been holding onto as a group that's fine, but everyone knows where the other side stands.

The problem that I've been stating is that Bettman hasn't put the PA in a position to say yes to anything, because they haven't offered them anything. It's a ******** tactic, unless your goal is to win big and think you can weather another lockout because the diehard fans of the Leafs, Rangers, and Canadians will be back no matter what and account for 83% of the leagues revenue.

Henrik Sedin put the players POV into a clear perspective when he said, "I want to hear a change, that they're actually going to give us something in return for the things we've given them." It's painfully clear they're ready to make a deal they just want the league to give them something in exchange for moving in the owners direction on every other issue. You can't expect to make a deal if you don't do that, and the league has never offered them anything from day one. It's insane.

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