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12-05-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by The Inglorious One View Post
He absolutely would help. I never said he wouldn't help. I just don't like him which is why I don't want him.

I'd rather win by beating him than win with him.

I've never once denied the obvious talent that Ryan Kesler has.
I love how this thread is supposed to be about good to great players you don't want traded to your team, and most people in it as posting, "But so and so is a great player! Your an idiot for not wanting them!"

This is completely disregarding that it is a.) an opinion, and b.) said player would wouldn't just be magically joining your team, they would be acquired through a trade of assets.

Your choice of Kesler is a perfect example of this. Due to a few various reasons, Kesler rubs most of the St. Louis fan base the wrong way. For these personal reasons, most St. Louis fans would echo your sentiment in not wanting Kesler despite the fact that not only is he a very good player, but he would fit the team's playing style.

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