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12-05-2012, 12:23 PM
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I don't think many will dispute that Luongo is a great goalie... simple fact is that he's a top starter in the NHL and would help any team make the playoffs. Not a stretch to say he'd make a borderline team into a playoff team.

His contract and playoff "choke" reputation are what kills the deal though.

I don't think age is a huge factor really... plenty of goalies play into their late 30's and still play well... Brodeur, Thomas, Roloson.... list goes on. Goalies actually "ripen" later and often don't burn out quite as fast as forwards. It all depends on the player of course but I don't see why you couldn't legitimately expect another 5+ solid years out of Luongo. Of course he's got 10 years left on the contract which is the obvious problem. To say he wouldn't immediately help the Oilers have a better shot at the playoffs though is being biased. He's certainly a step up from Dubnyk/Khabi.

I still don't want him because of the contract length and price but just based purely on his abilities he'd obviously be a benefit to the team.

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