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12-05-2012, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
They don't need an "answer" to keep ticket prices high. They CAN keep them high. This is Boston.

If I own the Red Sox and your my PR Director, you lay out two options for me:

1. Fill the seats in my park, at the prices I have now, regardless of whether my team is a real contender or just appears to be through a string of marginal acquisitions. You suspect I can get away with this for the foreseeable future before I see a marked decrease in attendance.

2. Field a team of youngsters (most of whom I know are projected to be marginal MLB players on their best day), and try to score some PR points by cutting prices while filling an assumed lower % of seats. Maybe in a few years a few of my prospects pan out or a few difference-makers hit the FA market and I can get lucky enough to sign them.

I throw out Option 2 immediately, then I fire you for suggesting it.
Again, the logic of signing guys who are going to make you only marginally better (if at all) than last year just to justify their ticket prices is laughable. They had a payroll a hundred million dollars higher last year than it is right now. Obviously that number will still go up, but even so, it's not going to be close to what it was. Yet prices are going to stay where they were, so you can say you'd fire me if you owned the team, and that may be what would happen if someone suggested it, but throwing away money on bad signings isn't the answer to the problem either. In fact it's a joke. A really, really bad one at that.

For the record, you say "fill the seats", but guess what? They didn't fill them last year, and they won't fill them again this year either. Not because they went with a youth movement, or because they signed mid tier free agents, but because the product on the field sucks. You know what will fill their seats in the future? Having a championship caliber team and a front office that is championship driven. Until that happens, you're going to see empty seats all over the park, just like last year.

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