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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
Hey guys. Another Rangers fan coming with an olive branch. Wanted to let you guys know you're becoming my favorite Western team by a very wide margin these past two or so seasons and introduce myself as I may end up wandering over here and talking Blues with you guys when I get a chance to watch you (as it seems the season may actually be saved soon!). I've got center ice, so I should be able to catch a fair amount of your games.

So, a bit about why I like you guys:

Halak is my 2nd favorite goalie behind our own King Henrik.
Berglund is basically one of my favorite centers in the game and I have him pegged for a breakout this season. Looks like he's been doing well in Sweden, even though it's the second tier league, I believe. Anyone have up-to-date stats for him over there?
Love Oshie. Love the way the kid hits. Just love his game.
Love Perron's hands.
How do you not love Backes?
Love Petro. What a stud. I'm a d-man myself and Petro is a joy to watch. Would love to see him and McD as a pairing in the NHL one day, but not at the expense of losing McD from NY (and I'm sure you've no desire to lend him to us).
Can't explain to you how excited I am for Vtank. I'm a huge fan of high octane Russian players and I think you have something truly special on your hands. I expect him to win the Calder handily and be your most explosive player for years to come.

I know those are some high expectations from an outsider, but I like the team you've got, a lot. Just hate Jamie Langenbrunner, he'll always be a Devil and a Star to me; two of my least favorite teams. Hope you guys get a legit top LHD to pair with Petro. That would really make you guys a legit contender, IMO, especially with the increased fire power Tank should add, along with Schwartz if he nails down a spot (you guys are pretty deep at forward... wish the Rangers top nine was as plentiful).
Thanks for the nice words.

A few extra things you may or may not know:

Langenbrunner will likely walk after this season, so nothing will be holding you back from loving the Blues.

We all hope for a legit partner for Pietrangelo, but it is more of a wish than a need. His pairing was able to consistently shut-down the opposition with Colaiacovo, Huskins, and Cole as his partners.

Oshie is a wrecking ball on the ice, and we love him for it.

Perron's hands are great, but watching his development since he came into the league is the best. He now back-checks, parks in front of the net, and goes into the corners. He has come a long way since forcing himself onto the roster the year he was drafted.

Backes is the perfect example of what a hockey-player should be, both on and off the ice. And his wife is a saint.

I think once Berglund and Schwartz play together significantly, they will be a joy to watch. Berglund with his great shot and ability to use his size to protect the puck, and Schwartz with his playmaking abilities to feed it to Berglund.

EVERYONE is drooling over Tarasenko here. I've even talked to casual fans that know about him. (Not his name, but that the Blues have some stud over in Russia that is a big deal. And these are guys that couldn't name five players currently on the team. They'd get Backes, Oshie, Jackman, and maybe Halak.)

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