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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
you seriously dont think the best player in the game, the face of the league, being directly involved in negotiations with the owner of his team on the other side, doesn't hold some water?

i think ppl here are being naive and haters for no reason.
I hate Sindy, despise The Penguins and think the NHL/NHLPA organizations Are both a bunch of happy go lucky ********. Now that being said, if any or all of those parties help get NHL hockey back onto the ice, touché, then they deserve credit for that and that is that. I love the game - not any reason to hold that against a party that gets it going again. Then again, after losing 2-1 in OT away in the Mellondome with us taking 14 penalties and 3 penalty shots and the Pens taking a lone compensation penalty while playing 5 against 3 - in the end of April to the avid applaudes of a sinister smiling Bettman sitting next to Mario in the stands waving at Sindy who waves back after scoring the OT goal while Matt Cooke has just mugged Hank in the crease - might make me feel a bit differently. But we are not there. Yet...

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