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12-05-2012, 12:48 PM
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Team report card

Just looking over the my team (Colts) list of players during our trim back to 25 cards (Dec.1)

I rated (my opinion) my team (A+ = star player game changer, A= elite player, A-=elite player missing a little something, B+=very good, B=good in a specific thing,B-= does not always show up, C+=above average, C=average, C- slightly below, D=below struggling, F = does not belong)

Forwards = Marly Quince (A) , Michael Pontarelli (A), Roman Ammirato (B+), Mitch Zion (B), Kevin Hope (B), Billy Ulrick (B), Jake Martin (B), Alex Gendron (B-), Jake Bannister (C+), Trent Durocher (C+), Khalid Ali (C+), Andrew Ming (C), Sean King (C), Nicholas Santoro (C), Tanner Spink (C-), Lawson MacDonald (C-), Lawson MacDougall (D)

Defence = Carl Belizario (B), Brandon Howes (B), Stephen Johnson (B), Parker Kroll (B-), Pierre Ouellette (C+), Kevin Sarazin (C-), Sheehan Kirkwood (D), *Jason Suvak *traded* (D), Josh Crane (D)

Goalies = Jordan Piccolino (B), James Edwardson (C)

I don't mean to get anybody upset it's just my honest opinion.

Feel free to rate your team and post it.

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