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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
The money Ford Field has brought to Detroit has to be much bigger than you guys are pretending. First of all anything brought in is a net gain, because it is not being played in Pontiac. So the Super Bowl and Final Four which a billion dollar events and huge advertising and marketing events for whatever city is just nothing. Now if they spent to much money and did a poor job that is on the city of Detroit again not the Ford family and people that helped bring that downtown.

I also think you guys are underselling how much the area around there has improved. The DAC has seen increased membership and there are very successful businesses that have popped up around there. Parking has increased and improved. I know people hate the idea of investing public money but it is all about how you do it. Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh have all used these to help struggling areas and improve the city. We also don't know how much money is being kicked in yet. As much as it would upset some of you I only know of one city that wouldn't kick the funding and because of that they get virtually nothing from the stadium as they had to give huge tax breaks a lot of other things since they wouldn't pony up. That would be the San Francisco Giants and long term for the city that is going to worse than partnering up.

And as stated before, removing the Wings from downtown and building something we know will take all the concerts, Wings games, a potential Pistons future, GLI and heck if he is angry enough what if they put an events center in next door and build this in say Troy. Boom you lost the Auto show as well. That would be a crippling blow, so it is easy to say this brings nothing and bemoan the existence of Pro Sports impact on the economy. However it brings some money no matter how you look at it and it is on the city of Detroit to get the right deal.
First of all, I'm not talking about it being in the city vs not being in the city.
I've yet to hear a serious proposal to move the Wings from Detroit.

Second of all... you keep saying "we fail to understand" all this BS about money.

Just because you think stadiums mean all kinds of money doesn't mean its true.
Read about it. It's debatable.

There's only so much disposable income to go around and stadiums suck that up. It can be argued that tickets to wings game takes money out of the local restaurant downtown in your little hamlet.

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