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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
For all I know he'd be fine in the middle... we don't yet know who else will be on the ballot at that point. I just don't see him being top-20...And Holmes isn't close to top-20 status either, so where does that leave us? All we know is that Lehman is somewhere upward of Holmes.
Holmes is in my top 30, which very well could be 25 when all is said and done. I don't think he or Lehman are particularly close to the Winkler/Lindsay/Fowler group you listed. What's the reasoning they are besides they competed against each other, with drastically different resumes?

I also think Lehman and Holmes were a clear step up from the Eastern goalies aside from Vezina/Benedict until Gardiner comes around so I really don't see why they should only be compared against the handful of Western goalies playing at any given time.

Viktor Konovalekno wasn't the end all be all when trying to judge Tretiak.

It's definitely true that the skaters were better than the goalies in that league. But again, what can we infer from that? If you add the '79 Habs to that league, Lehman doesn't suddenly become a better goalie.
We can infer the man was very good at being a goalie, being regarded as the best goalie in a league full of talented skaters. He's directly competing against them too so it wasn't like he was hiding out West against some mutilated talent pool. I'll post the scoring numbers from the NHA versus PCHA on a yearly basis when I finish compiling them.

Well, take Fuhr for example. He was probably the best goalie for a time in the 1980s. Even if that was a weak point in modern history, it was a lot more competitive than Lehman's era and he didn't have at least a couple of contemporaries who were clear-cut above him (as in Vezina and Benedict). I can't see how Lehman has a prime edge on Fuhr, and I can't see a longevity edge of any significance, and playoffs are really not close. So how exactly does Lehman get ahead of Fuhr?
He was considered the best goalie by the GMs and PHWA exactly once in the 1980s. I really don't see anything in Fuhr's favor, but the playoffs.

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