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12-05-2012, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Lakers21 View Post
Mohs is not Keefe... not even close.
Players are not confident in him as they were in Keefe.
While everyone is congratulating Sheldon Keefe on his personal accomplishment (Twitter is a blaze with them) - the players he recruited, traded for, persuaded and asked to be part of his team and his program have been abandoned with Mohns. The players have no where near the respect or belief in Mohns. Leaders need followers, and inherting the coaching position doesn't mean players will follow. Keefe has great leadership skill, a commanding personality, excellent hockey skill set and ambition = a great coach. Just because Mohns knows the 'systems' doesn't mean he can replace Keefe.
As was mentioned in a previous debate about 'the business of hockey'... ya you can argue that, I get it. But these are young men who came to play for the guy who was the leader of 5 championship teams, drove accountability and instilled passion to play. Those are personal character traits of Keefe that he took with him to pursue his personal goals - at the same time he abandoning the promises and interests of the players he left behind with Mohns.
Talk to any current player or a past player and you'll get a clear and concise answer - Mohns is no Sheldon Keefe.
The players, fans and city were abandoned... for Keefe's personal goals. Soo Greyhounds will be a much better team very shortly. PLK... to be determined. I'm not a fan of Sheldon Keefe right now .
Everyone can now continue the Sheldon love in and best wishes party...
Wow. Did Keefe cut your kid or something?

Have you spoken with all current and past players? Didn't think so. I agree that Mohn's is no SK but you make him sound like he doesn't have a clue. And is Sheldon supposed to stay in Pembroke forever? I'm guessing that he'll continue to be the owner of the team, so will still have input with recruiting and personnel decisions.

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