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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I never did use the baby excuse another poster did.

I have never made excuses but judging a goalie on wins like like judging a forward on shifts played they don't tell you much. Unless of course you believe Bryzgalov is a better goalie than Kipper because he won a much better % of games started.

I am not making excuses I am frustrated that he isn't in the nhl yet but like my previous post pointed out you are criticizing him for things that aren't true or out of his control.

Again I can't state this enough wins don't equal the talent of the goalie. Hockey is a team sport so to judge 1 player on the effectiveness of the team is moronic, I have no problem with people being critical about our prospects but all I am asking for is a valid argument not he doesn't play enough in the ahl, not he has regressed (not true), not he didn't that great of numbers and ignore the fact he was hurt and did well in the nhl, not he wouldn't be a backup right now as he was last year.
Well, then I apologise for claiming it was you. You said in your post that you do not make excuses, then go on to make them again.
I agree that wins isn't the end all stat for a goalie, and really any stat is due to the team regardless of position. Are you not to use any stat at all to judge a player?
I've said some of this is on management, some on the lockout, but some has to be put on him as well. Just answer my question - did he have more value 18 months ago? The answer is yes, therefore he has regressed.

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