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12-05-2012, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
First of all, I'm not talking about it being in the city vs not being in the city.
I've yet to hear a serious proposal to move the Wings from Detroit.

Second of all... you keep saying "we fail to understand" all this BS about money.

Just because you think stadiums mean all kinds of money doesn't mean its true.
Read about it. It's debatable.

There's only so much disposable income to go around and stadiums suck that up. It can be argued that tickets to wings game takes money out of the local restaurant downtown in your little hamlet.
So it might be the other way. Fine I will grant your angle of thinking that it might not make money, if you will allow for the fact if done correctly there is also a lot to gain from a stadium. It is in execution.

Also just because you don't think Ilitch would ever leave the downtown area is a funny way to look at it. Sure he helps the downtown whenever possible but it is interesting you think that should be used against him. Also the fact the Ilitch family very likely is about to see a change in who is in charge of these decisions soon. His children didn't grow up in Detroit and don't have the same attachment. They didn't go to Cooley High and while they might have a lot of land in Detroit if they were to publically shop this it might turn out different. Ilitch was close to moving the Tigers out of downtown looking at sites in the Northville/Novi area because funds were slow. You might not believe him and I would have a hard time seeing him using it as anything but leverage. But I don't know what Denise Ilitch thinks or if she cares all that much, she might just take the best deal and walk away.

Like I said a city like Troy which lost K-Mart and has space and good access for this along with tons of lodging, malls, restaurants should do everything in their power to land this. Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills should be very interested in keeping the Pistons in town. Northville and Novi should be interested as well. There is a benefit in my opinion if done correctly and there should be interest. You argue it is debatable fine, I see what you are saying when people do this wrong or when a team is already there what is to gain. I just think there are things to gain and the Wings are going to get a new building soon one way or another, if Detroit doesn't see the gain fine, but don't come crying if they wind up somewhere else in the area either.

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