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12-05-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by M A K A V E L I View Post
It's a good time for the PA to start applying some pressure to keep/expand their contracting rights if the NHL sponsorship deals being based on the # of games is true. Just when the NHL is trying to weasel there way into a 61+ game schedule, hit them over the head with your demands.
I don't understand the logic in this. Isn't this just as much a pressure point for the PA?
Aren't sponsorship dollars part of HRR? I don't think the make whole is going to cover even close to any of that money as it will be focused on other revenue/growth deficiencies. Either way it will chew through those make whole dollar.

Some of the pro PA posters would blow their own foot off if it meant the owners had to also. Or perhaps they'd like to see the players blow their own foot off if the owners had to while he sits on the sidelines cheering down with the man!

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