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12-05-2012, 01:57 PM
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A ball moves differently and is higher than a puck (obviously).

I've taught a few ball hockey players a few tricks for handling a puck, but it is hard to simply type it out.

The trick is to flatten out the way you cup the puck when it is on the backhand of your blade. Too many ball guys hold their blades straight up because the ball sits up higher. They then tend to miss the puck on the backhand motion while they are stickhandling, or they "slap" it with the flat of the blade, which kills puck control.

Get a puck and your stick, then start messing around with technique. Lay the backside of your blade at a sharp angle on the puck. Then move it around just using the backhand. You will see how easy it is to maneuver the puck around like this and pull it towards your body.

Now put you backhand straight up agt the puck and you will see it is much more difficult to manipulate the puck around.

Keep messing around with the angle of your backhand as you stick handle, until you find the one that feels just right for you. You may even want to change the lie of your stick so it sits closer to the ice... Or sport court, actually, sorry.

You will be shocked how these changes give you much better puck control.

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