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12-05-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
Some of this stuff doesn't ring true.

Point 1. Kypreos is an idiot, and has been one for a very long time.

Point 2. Kypreos who is a staunch NHLPA supporter - how would he know anything about what Gary Bettman would want? That doesn't make any sense.

Point 3. mcLean said "then at December 1st we’re getting a deal done." Its Dec 5, Dec 1st has already passed.
I think Kypreos saying that shows he is a clear supporter of the NHLPA. I hope there is truth to what he said, however, even if their is truth to it the way Kypreos is saying it clearly shows that he supports the NHLPA. In other words he is misquoting Bettman.

I just hope the truth is more like Bettman thinks that it will take until now to get close enough for a deal. That Bettman, hoping things proceed as he thinks, considers Dec 1 ish to be a time that a serious deal can be looked at. Thus, there is truth to what Kypreos said, even if he said it in a way that is bias.

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