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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I don't think I shifted the topic at all and by the way where did I say cultural adjuments can never affect player performance? I would love to discuss this with you but please go back a read what I have posted so I don't have to repeat things over and over.

I believe the main challenge for players is adjusting to the different rink size and rules between NA and Europe. Again it is hard to generalize, some players will adjust quickly, some may take half a season or more, some may find they can't adjust at all.

Also I think we have to admit there is a huge difference in the motivation for a player to adjust, for example an established NHLer looking for conditioning is very different from someone like Dallman who needs the job.

Yes the difference in style of game is the #1 barrier (this includes rink size and rules, plus much more), but that doesn't nullify that off-ice barriers play an important factor in on-ice performance. Of course it varies per individual, but the overall impact can't be dismissed. Common sense should tell us this....Xokkeu even countered your soccer argument with several examples.

Note: One thing the NHL learned from the 1st wave of Soviet imports was that assistance in off-ice integration is essential for success. If off-ice cultural barriers didn't greatly affect on-ice performance, there'd be little incentive for NHL teams to do as such.

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