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Originally Posted by FLAMESFAN View Post
Then we will continue to go in circles on this. If you are OK with his playing time & progress, and think everything is fine then so be it. Maybe you are a glass is half full kind of guy.
I don't think the same as you, which is why I am concerned.

Excuses you have made in this thread: His injury, which didn't stop him from playing in the NHL, but affected him in the AHL. His lack of wins, his lack of playing time this year, the team was bad in front of him, losses are not his fault, etc, etc.
I don't think injuries are an excuse, they clearly effected him in both which is why I don't think the 1 win is a big concern. His lack of playing time is not his doing hindsight is 20-20 and he should have gone over seas. I never said losses aren't his fault but they aren't solely his fault just as wins aren't solely his fault either there is a difference.

I don't mean for any of this to seem as a personal attack because you are of course allowed to have your opinion and I think it is completely valid to be concerned about him. But I think the reasons you have given to be concerned are overreactions or simply nothing. I have seen alot of his games quite a few in person and he almost always stands out as the best player on the Heat (I haven't seen him live this year). If there are things to be concerned about I would say it is the weak goals as he seems to play better when seeing constant action he seems to fight the puck when he hasn't seen a shot in a while. He also tends to be under aggressive which helped in the nhl as he wasn't caught of position.

I think worrying that he went 1-3-3 in the nhl is pointless as our last 3 backups went a combined 11-21-9 including Toskala's 2-0 streak. Meaning the other 2 goalies have 9 wins between them in over 5 years.

I am actually happy we have taken our time to develop Irving the right way (many starts in the ahl) as it worked for goalies like Howard(didn't make the nhl fully until 25-26), Cory Crawford (nothing special but a solid 1B goalie, didn't make the nhl until 25-26),Josh Harding(didn't make the nhl until 24-25) while none of superstars and Irving won't all are solid 1 or 1B goalies that is what Irving will be solid but nothing special. Maybe you have had higher expectations?

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