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Originally Posted by izzys View Post
hes not saying this at alll ... hes saying that what if u do look at the best teams in the league who is there top defenceman ?

in todays legue u have different roles and if u dont have offence from your back end you team cant hang ....

GUYS im just trying to be real about our spits .... and with posa i dont hate the kid at all , its good that he gives hes time to do things , but at the end of the day its not hes choice to did it, since hes the captin he has to do whatever managment says..........

i know alot of ppl on here think they know hockey but unless u have played/lived it you really dont know the whole story. there is alot that goes on behind the seens

the way this team is build is **** plain an simply and it all falls on WR an BB
I play hockey I'm all for Posa. And so you are saying if you are not an offensive DEFENCEman then you have no reason to be on the team? Yes the Spits need a few more changes, but that's to bring in players who play their hearts out every night like Posa and Schoenmakers! And are you saying Posa has to go out and do all the stuff he does in the community because the management MADE him do it? Buddy, Posa is an awesome kid and did all the stuff WAY before he was captain. But one thing I do agree with you on is this team needs some change. But Posa's not gonna be one of them.

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