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Originally Posted by PenguinPower420 View Post
If the owners want the PA to share in the loss, the PA should have a say in business decisions and in long term strategies. If the mean player career is only 5 years, it stands to reason that he should not be expected to assume any risk or financial burden simply because the league - without any input whatsoever from the players or surrogates thereof - is pursuing a high risk southern expansion strategy that will never be of any benefit to him even if it does succeed. That's why the Germans use coordination and give workers a say in how firms operate. Last I checked, the Germany economy is doing pretty damn good. How's America doing again?
Do you rememer what Jimmy Devellano called the players a couple of months ago ? He said loudly what possibly most GM/owners think about the players. Thye word "business partners" is not in their vocabulary.

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