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Originally Posted by ryundt2012 View Post
In the "A" out side of Oklahoma City(Oilers Nuge,Hallsy,Eberle and Schultz) and Adirondack(Flyers = Schenn, Courturier) The Goalies are the Stars of this league look at Barry Brust my god he broke Johnny Bower's Shutout record. And the Only reason Bower Was in the AHL was because in his 20's after the war when he played for Indianapolis, and Cleveland of the AHL, because there were only 6 NHL teams who carried one Goalie. I mean around 44 or 45 Lester Patrick the Owner and coach of the Rangers Started and won game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals because his Goalie was Injured. What we are all missing is the NHL is gonna start up real soon. Forget Vancouver's Problems of having 4 NHL Ready Goalies in Luongo Schnieder and Eddie Lack and Matt Clime those are the guys in Chicago that are playing for the Chicago Wolves along with future Canucks Blue Line Stud Kevin Connoution and Power Forward Zack Kassian. Now The Flames have an so much in one Position with Kipper, Brust, Irving, and Taylor. Why dont we trade Kipper and have Brust and Taylor in Calgary for the rest of this shortened season giving Irving the reign in Abbotsford and see what we have down there, Because we all know who the Flames are this season we are battling the Oilers for the 9th seed if we are lucky. why not get value out of Kipper and see what we have in the NHL with Brust and Taylor. Then Leland Irving can play in Abbotsford
Bolded: Based on what? The fact they are talking?

Brust and Taylor are on ahl contracts only and that is a terrible idea. There may be some goalies doing real well in the ahl but top prospects like Jacob Markstrom, Eddie Lack, Riku Helenius are putting as good or worse number than Irving. Irving has played more than enough in the AHL as last year showed he is ready for the NHL he won't learn anything more in the AHL the way he see what we "have" in Irving is by giving him a shot at the next level.

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