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12-05-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
This idea is pure stupidity. Sorry.

Why should someone have to assume?

Anyone with half a brain could see record revenues, record franchise values, a healthy on ice product...and see that maybe a little tweak here and there might get it done, but NO!

Hardline, ridiculous proposal from the get go, with concessions both monetary and you actually believe what you type? It seems ridiculous to me.

The NHL tried to reinvent the wheel here, not the PA.
Both sides dug in early and were loaded for bear. I think the PA waiting and hiring Don Fehr might have been the opening salvo of bitterness and getting hackles up, but the NHL's opening offer was the initial out-and-out declaration of war. After setting that ball in motion I think everyone knew it was going to be contentious going forward...things could have been handled much better by both sides, but the recent history of NHL vs. NHLPA shows that there isn't a lot of trust between the 2 groups. This I personally blame on Bettman, he needs to be the commissioner (ie Protector) of the league, not the owners (Jeremy Jacobs) stool pigeon.

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