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Originally Posted by leova View Post
Hey all!
First off, let me say thanks in advance. I'm sure some of these will seem like rookie/noobish questions, but bear with me

My brother and I still play 2k8 offline when we visit each other, its an epic game, so going from that to NHL 13....well, let's just say it's different!

1) Can you set Goalie controls to Auto? Neither of us like playing goalie, and its a pain in the ass to have all Penalty Shots be autogoals
2) Is there a nonranked casual online VS mode? Ideally with custom rosters, maybe unlimited timeouts/pauses, whatever?

3) Is there any way to get Retired players into the game? Specifically, I'm pissed that Lidstrom is nowhere to be found, and my Detroit team has to suffer the horror that is Kyle Quincey every freaking game

4) Is there any way to set or change controls to allow RB to be shooting? Only options I've seen are Right-Stick as in Pro/Alternate, or X as in the stupid-old-NHL94 controls

5) Can rosters be downloaded from anywhere besides the generic ingame options?
I hope I can help!

1) Yes, you can set the goalie mode to off. This lets the CPU control the goalie. However, when playing online you have to be goalie.

2) When playing an online versus game, change the game setting to "custom game". You can then change it to an online unranked game. You can also challenge your friends!

3) The only way I know of putting a retired player into the game is creating the player manually. However, if the player is on the "legends", you could possibly transfer Lidstrom to the Wings roster.

4) Sorry, I have no idea about this one.

5) Nope, only EA releases rosters. There is not a "2kshare", like 2k has.

Hope this helps!

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