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12-05-2012, 03:21 PM
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NHL lockout: "Bettman wants this (deal) done by Friday," Nick Kypreos article if you want a good read to get your hopes up high:

Former player Nick Kypreos, a Sportsnet broadcaster and staunch supporter of the NHLPA in labour negotations, says NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wants a deal done to end the NHL lockout by Friday.

“Apparently Gary is ready to get a deal done,” Kypreos said. “He wants this thing done Friday. Friday!”

On Sportsnet’s Hockey Central show, Kypreos debated the issues withtwo other NHL insiders, former NHL GM Doug MacLean and sportscaster Daren Millard.

MacLean said that six weeks ago, he heard the NHL’s position, that “it is knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out until December 1st, and then at December 1st we’re getting a deal done.”
This is one rumor I've been reading that was also included in this article:

Rumours are circulating that coaches are now calling players, telling them to be ready for training camp on Dec. 14, MacLean and Kypreos said.

Both sides are meeting again today.. They met after the Board of Governors meeting concluded at aroudn 2:15 and are still going at it. Bettman gave a short, really short, press conference earlier where he said:

Bettman: "We are pleased with the process that is ongoing and out of respect for that process I don't have anything else to say."
Lots of rumors flying every where.. Right now the word going around is if a deal is done this weekend camp would start next friday with a 54-56 game schedule beginning around Dec. 20th. While not adding any specifics Pierre Lebrun earlier stated that a shortened schedule was one of the topics discussed during the BoG.

Todays meeting again is with out Fehr and Bettman..

Also it appears Charles Wang and Garth Snow made an appearance today at the BoG and were the first to leave.. I really do think Chuckles has absolutely no idea what is going on with these negotiations haha.

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