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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
Thanks Truck and Garret. I kind of figured that over .5 was "good" just due to the nature of the calculation. (I.E that over .5 is "positive").

One thing I was wondering though, is there a way to compare that to the other players in the league? I.E. what are the ranges for all-star / very good / average / below average players?

I guess what I am asking is, I can see that Burmi is a net positive for this stat. If he had say a .52 overall for this stat, can you compare that to anything league wide (I.E elite players like Crosby are .75, really good players are around a .6, etc.)

Or is that not possible with this kind of stat?
It is possible, I don't know that anyone tracks it that way.

Corsi is generally tracked in a per 60 value. It is represented differently, but tells us the same thing. Top performers can be found here:

Looking at the top performers, it seems the best of the best had ratio numbers in and around .625

Pretty impressive stuff. If you wanna look at any specific players, the numbers are here: Click on the player name, then select 2011-12 next to 5v5 corsi.

It isn't really surprising, but pretty much all of the top performers played on LA, Bos, Van and Pit. Deep teams means there are less drags.

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