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12-05-2012, 03:23 PM
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Last night, I subbed for a 3v3 league at a mini rink north of here in SD. After two periods, the team I was on had a 17-6 lead going into the third and both teams had guys that were fairly tired as there were only 8 skaters in total. A guy from the other team asked if they could take the loss and reset the score so it was tied with one period left. Jokingly, I told them the only way we'd do that is if they really brought the effort in the 3rd period.

They ended up picking up one more guy which helped even up the game and they won 24-23. I am really big on effort and trying and that type of attitude will go a lot further for me than some guy that is good and hot dogging it the whole time. It was fantastic to see the other team get a little more pep in their step and you could feel a noticeable difference as everyone was really giving it their all for those last 20 minutes. Great to watch and even better to be apart of even though we lost the 3rd period. Those guys really had, and rightfully so, sense of accomplishment after it was all said and done.

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