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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
[*]I can see where at this level, you have to make a choice between picking either a tough guy whose offense will hurt a scoring line, or a semi-tough guy with passable offense. Seems you went with the better offensive guys, which isn't necessarily the wrong thing to do.
As I said again, this is all about who these players are going to be battling against.

We knew were weren't going to get big-time puck-winners, so we specifically targetted big players with skill. If you account for eras, not one of our players is shorter than 6', and not one is lighter than 190 lbs.

Our top-6 is: 6'4", 6'2", 6'2", 6'2", 6', 6'.
Our bottom-6 is: 6'3", 6'2", 6'1", 6'1", 6', 6'.
Our blueline is: 6'6", 6'4", 6'3", 6'3", 6'2", 6'.

[*]Sykora was not known as a "battler" in New Jersey. He was a good offensive player with speed, a canon of a shot, great at cycling, willing to backcheck (but nothing outstanding), and a tendency to score big goals. But he wasn't much of a battler. And he was weak and tended to get pushed around when he didn't have a big linemate to make room for him.
When I say battler, I mean a guy who is willing to fight for pucks.

[*]Seems like Khristich was good at battling for the puck... when he felt like it. Which tended not to be when the checking got tighter. I mean, you guys remember his reputation too as the ultimate stereotypical soft Euro, right? Nothing to take away from his offense at this level though. His two-way play seems to be very good too. I probably underrated Prospal's compete level somewhat.
His reputation is the reason we picked him in the 10th round.... but it's also the reason we got one of te steals of the draft.

Based on all of the reasearch, is reputation is wrong.

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