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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Okay, whatever. Sorry to disappoint with expecting people that believe in Bigfoot to adhere to basic scientific principles as any other field. And many have asked you for evidence, and besides me many have also dismissed your evidence as well for being not factually sound.
What basic scientific principles are they not following?? I tell you why this is infuriating, I will ask you to back up some claim you make - usually its nothing more than a generalization - and instead I get silence, nothing, and then later you'll repeat your baseless claim again while ignoring the fact you never backed it up when asked the first time. Case in point your contention its pseudoscience that scientists are practicing, I'm STILL waiting for you to tell me who is doing this.

So now you got two questions on your docket that I will be waiting for answers for

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
You debating something for a long time doesn't mean it's a valid scientific standpoint, and the points I, and others, have brought up (including, but not limited to, lack of widespread evidence as one would expect of a species like Bigfoot to leave behind from the immediate ecological impact to a fossil record, questioning the trustworthiness of eyewitness testimony when that's largely the strongest thing going the idea that Bigfoot exists right now, lack of peer-reviewed content as one would expect for major research into any species, lack of an explanation for why a lab should be trusted at their word in spite of the logical arguments against Bigfoot from existing) all still stand.
Of what I was referring to up above, here is case in point - I've already explained how many labs are involved after you made the claim it was one lab just this morning!! And yet here you are again making yet another baseless claim.

So read this closely so I won't have to repeat myself again - it's FOUR labs, two private labs, a government lab and a university lab. ALL doing tests on the DNA independently of each other.

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
You not liking the fact that I don't play along with things like this, much as I don't play along with people that routinely bring up discredited arguments about the moon landing being fake or someone besides Lee Harvey Oswald being behind the Kennedy assassination or general paranormal sightings or the notion that the government was behind the 9/11 attacks or creation "science" attempts to discredit evolution or essentially any other cryptozoological debate that takes flimsy things here and there at face value while ignoring all the massive holes that make supposed evidence comically tiny when taken in from afar. The simple fact is that when looking at the idea of Bigfoot existing from a purely scientific standpoint, the arguments against one existing are ridiculously stronger and harder to explain away than the ones that say they do exist.
Incorrect. What I don't like is you making things up and then not backing up the baseless claims you make, I also find it very insulting that you associate what I believe in with the truthers and other conspiracy theorists, how the **** is the search and study Bigfoot a god damn conspiracy theory??

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Sorry if someone else has the idea that a science forum should adhere to the basic scientific model of evidence and research is that upsetting to you.
Yeah, I am not going to hold my breath on the examples I asked for above of scientists who study Bigfoot and I'm quite sure I have a better grasp of what science is asking for in the proof of the existence of Bigfoot.

And I don't think you're sorry for the manner you dismiss peoples opinions, not for one second. I think you enjoy it.

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