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Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
Thoughts on James Dean?
I really like him. I'm watching East of Eden right now and am planning on watching Giant either tonight or tomorrow.. From what i've seen so far, in RwaC, he had the potential to be a force in the movie industry.. He had the talent, he was incredibly handsome, and he had a certain charm to him. It seemed like he was one of those "woman want him/men wanna be him" type of guys.

In Rebel, his performance seemed so genuine and real.. The way he yelled, while drunk, "You're tearing me apart!" was fantastic. It wasn't over the top like a lot of "drunk" performances.. And later on after the "chicken" race how he's explaining he should go to the cops, and then starts yelling at his parents.. James played a teenager the way a real teenager was!! I suppose it helps that he was in his early-20's at the time, so the teenage days were still fresh for him..

I really liked the way he carried himself.. He had a certain style to himself that I think will never be doubled.. Despite only 3 major films, he'll go down in history as one of the best..

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