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Originally Posted by MISC View Post
706k? Wow. That's nothing.

I always thought Detroit had 5+ million people. Seemed like a huge, productive city in my mind.
The surrounding area still does have a ton of people, they just don't live in the city.

West/Southwest of the City:
Dearborn - 97,144
Dearborn Heights - 57,186
Livonia - 95,958
Novi - 55,583
Westland - 83,239
Canton - 76,366
Taylor - 62,489
Farmington Hills - 80,258 (Kind of North also putting them with west)
West Bloomfield - 64,690 (Kind of North also)
Ann Arbor - 114,925

A bunch of these are surrounded by towns that are 20,000 to 40,000 but want seperate govenments.


Sterling Heights - 129,880
Shelby Charter Township - 65,159
Charter Township of Clinton - 96,796
Royal Oak - 57,607
Bloomfield/Birmingham - 61,305 (One of the wealthiest places in the country still)
Rochester Hills - 71,452
Troy - 81,508
Southfield - 72,201
Warren - 134,243

This doesn't include place like Waterford, Pontiac, Auburn Hills (where the Pistons play) or rolling all of the five parts of Grosse Pointe into one number. Detroit's surrounding area really is broken into several smaller cities.

The Government still projects the southeast counties to grow. This is basically the five major counties that surround Detroit. Which has a population of roughly 5 million or in other words the entire state of Minnesota.

Michigan has 10 million people in the state so roughly half of the state's population is housed in the Detroit area. Windsor Canada is also very much an offshoot of Detroit. So you can factor that in as potential audience. Detroit sports teams also control the Toledo area by in large.

But this is precisely why Detroit functions as a high market team while people around the country scratch their heads. It really does have a statewide following but the area itself is much larger than the declining Detroit city limits numbers would tell you. They have huge corporate partners and big television deals for local coverage. The area is a little more healthy than a lot of the doom and gloom people make it out to be.

This also ignores the fact that if Detroit itself really was on deaths door and this more means a lot of the surrounding area companies. What do you think would happen next? Well for instance Johnson Controls is the largest company in Wisconsin but makes almost all their money supplying the auto industry. Ford did this with Visteon moving almost all of their jobs to the Detroit area. If the way of life is completely threatened it is more likely Detroit does this kind of thing in the future. Most of what remains in the area is not moving. Outside of the loss of Kmart to Sears I can't think of a whole lot on that front.

In fact Detroit exports owners. Dan Gilbert, Peter Karmanos, Ralph Wilson, and even the late Bill Davidson (owner of the Pistons and Tampa Bay Lightning )are all Detroit residents. Gilbert might have moved to Cleveland to help with his Casino plan and really he is basically trying to become the Mike Ilitch of Cleveland in my opinion with the market cornered in Detroit on that gig. Karmanos (Compuware) and Gilbert (Quicken Loans) in fact both house their companies corporate headquarters in the same Compuware building in downtown Detroit.

States with more fortune 500 companies than Michigan

New York

That is it and those that remain in Michigan are unlikely to leave.

By the way that doesn't even include a single one of the companies that helped any of those men outside of the Ford family own teams in pro sports.

Guardian glass and securities
Little Caesars
Quicken Loans

Are all noticeably absent from that data.

Even with the auto industries decline, you will notice no longer is GM #1 or 2 on this list, but both they and Ford with all their problems still come in 8th and 10th in the entire country. You can bet on the city to die, but it really confuses me and at no point really is a team going to be seriously considered as being taken out of this market in any league. Remember talk of the Pistons when they were up for sale maybe going to Vegas or something along those lines and Stern basically said they would never leave Detroit in any circumstance. It is still a very wealthy area with deep pockets, large local television deals and strong corporate partners. As far as sports markets it remains in the top 10 quite easily and that is why they function like big market teams currently in Baseball and in the past in hockey. Quite simply it is a huge market and most of people's understanding of the Detroit area is incredibly flawed because it is a complex issue and if you don't know the area and don't understand a lot about it you will make [well-informed] conclusions

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