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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
He was a clear step down from the elites of his period (Vezina/Benedict) and a clear step up from the middle-of-the-road Easterners (Connell/Roach/etc) but the problem is figuring out just where the middle-ground of that time period should be valued. Personally I don't look at professional hockey goaltending around 1920 as a period that was extremely deep to the point that being a distant 3rd place is a top-20 all-time kind of achievement.
What's the case that Lehman was a "distant third" behind Benedict and Vezina? I don't see it. I have him a small but clear step behind those two because he had a few rough games in the playoffs, but I don't see a huge gap between Lehman and those two, to be honest. If Lehman hadn't let in a couple of bad goals in the Cup finals (and we didn't seem to punish Tony Esposito for that too much), then he's right up there with Benedict and Vezina, in my opinion.

Was Heck Fowler the Moose Johnson of goalies? No, not close.
Isn't Lehman the Moose Johnson of goalies? I actually see the case for Hugh Lehman to on this list to be almost identical to the case for Moose Johnson on the defenseman list, as consistently the best at his position in the PCHA. Differences I can see are that Lehman actually won a Cup over the East while playing for the PCHA, and Moose Johnson won a Cup in the East before going out West - but as a forward.

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