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12-05-2012, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Vladdy84 View Post
Can Obama pay for it?
Well if it works out we know he will claim it, see the Auto bailout which actually started under former President George W. Bush.

In all seriousness given just how tough that job is, it has not been lost on me that he has spoke out about the NHL lockout. Sure the football and basketball (especially for him, we know what a big fan he is of that sport) lockouts were talked about, but Obama hasn't just let this pass without expressing an opinion on it. I might not always agree with all of his positions, but I like that he actually weighed in.

"Every time these things happen, I just want to remind the owners and the players: You guys make money because you've got a whole bunch of fans out there who are working really hard," Obama said.

"They buy tickets, they're watching on TV … y'all should be able to figure it out. Get this done"
He also did this in the very heart of his campaign push. It was answering a question on Leno from a fan, but don't think he doesn't have approval on a lot of what is asked.

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