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Originally Posted by Riverdale View Post
I agree with Optimus2861 here.

Sounds like your GF's demands aren't that ridiculous. Sure, you should be able to have female friends without her being upset about it. But, she has obviously been hurt in the past and any time you try to explain things to her about your female friends she will see it from an emotional angle.

Show her that you care for her feelings and slowly stop seeing your female friends. She might come around eventually. Some girlfriends don't want their BFs even hanging out with their MALE friends. Your GF doesn't seem that insecure.
I think it's ridiculous. Yes, she's insecure because she's been hurt in the past, but that is no reason for him to not be able to hangout with a friend just because she's a girl. I think as a grown woman she should learn to deal with her insecurities instead of him having to cut off his friends for her. There's sacrifices and there are ridiculous demands. This is a ridiculous demand. You can't stop hanging out or talking to friends just because she's a woman and your girlfriend is insecure.

I think what you should do instead is introduce your girlfriend to them if you haven't already. Try to make them become friends. If she knows the girl, maybe she'll be less insecure about the whole thing and you can all hangout together as a group of friends.

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