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12-05-2012, 06:14 PM
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Some of you are not really basing surprises off of what is expected from them. Then again, maybe that in itself is a surprise from different personal expectations.

Biggest surprise for me? Hmmm, this is a tough one, I knew Bingo would be among the best, I'd have to say Wiercioch and Claesson.

Claesson because of how consistent he has been in such little time so far in the pro game. I thought he'd be a much longer project and show signs of lapses, I'd consider him as our most consistent defender on the defensive ends.

Wiercioch because watching him play last year and this year, it'd be perfect to describe his game as two ends of a spectrum. I thought he lost it all and would take another 2-3 years to fill out his projected abilities but wow, he has been marvelous so far this year.

Biggest of em all is Petersson'; he still shows great promise from long stretches of dominance on the offensive end but what was once considered his best ability-- his shot and finishing-- is the most lacking so far. Very disappointed.

Originally Posted by Qward View Post
I was high on Claesson before he came over. I was stoked when he said he wanted to come play in NA and develop his game here.
I am not surprised at his talent level, I am more surprised how quickly he adjusted. Hell he got in a fight in his first game I think.

Silfverberg is another player I was high on. He is not disappointing me at all.

Da Costa and Prince are my biggest surprises. I expected Da Costa to fall to the likes of Zib, Silv, Stone, Hoff, etc. He is showing he can hold his own and will fight tooth and nail for a job with the big boys.

I did not expect Prince to be as effective as he has been. Maybe it is because I did not see him play much before.
I do not know why you are surprised in regards to Da Costa. I made a post a year ago explaining how in College, Da Costa outperformed the likes of Toews and did much better than James Van Riemsdyk.

Da Costa is very underrated in this fan base, it really surprises me. With that being said, I agree with everything else.

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I guess Tyler Eckford hasn't surprised anyone at all, right?...
Originally Posted by Benny FTW View Post
His offense has really surprised me. He seems to get off a ton of point shots and never misses.
Every scouting report indicated that Eckford had one of the best shots in the A from the point and that's his primary source of offense. Pretty bang on assessment of what we're seeing so far.

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