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12-05-2012, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
I find it strange that 24 guys in a room can accomplish anything in gaining traction to this stalemate. If true, and they are indeed much closer to a deal after just one long day of discussion, in my mind, it spells out just one thing: The 2 giant egos of Fehr and Bettman was always the biggest problem to getting this deal done, as many of us suspected. Once this is finally over with, the players need to give Fehr his walking papers (for good) and I’m sure the owners may seriously consider canning Gary as well.
But we knew that so I don't know why this is surprising to people.

The moment Fehr was hired I knew he and Bettmen would never get a deal done together.

Fehr is a union leader, that's it, he doesn't care about the sport, the fans, or anyone else other then himself first, then the union. He wasn't going to sign a deal that did anything other then break the NHL and Bettman no matter how it effected the league because that's how he comes off as looking his best. Again I personally believe that if Fehr could have gotten rid of the salary cap, the players share to 70% and got rid of half the owners he would have signed that deal knowing that deal kills the NHL in a few years because he doesn't care. He wanted to win the negotiations and a fair deal for both sides that get's hockey back doesn't win him anything.

The same thing can be said for Bettman, know he cares more about hockey then Fehr but once Fehr was brought in and stated negotiating the way he was it got personal for Bettman and there was no way Bettman was going to let Fehr get the upper hand in any way. Unless the deal was viewed as a win for the owners and the Bettman beat Fehr he wasn't signing a deal that could be viewed as even a possible slight win for Fehr. Their egos became more important then the people they represent and the sport their working for.

The same thing happened in the NBA lockout, it's why the NBAPA, decertified so they could represent themselves and 15 hours later a deal was done. Often times when you get someone to represent you they still have their own agendas and ideals at hand and want to get those across as well as your message. I had a feeling once the people truly effected by this, and the people who want to get back to hockey started representing themselves a deal could be done.

The players and owners will agree to a deal that would be fair for both sides where neither sides wins or loses that neither Fehr or Bettman would agree to because they wouldn't come off looking like the victor and have beaten the other side.


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