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Originally Posted by Exit Dose View Post
Lindholm shouldn't have to perform for Sweden to register above CHL players. His AHL performance at this point should put him comfortably in the top 30.
You'd think. I'm just looking through the perspective of the prospect lovers who only see the sexy names as worthy. Like it or not, to get the consideration he so clearly deserves, he has to sexify his name basically. He has to do something big, while more eyes are turned to him.

Originally Posted by Paul4587 View Post
I think you're overrating the value of the WJCs. If how someone plays in such a short tournament like WJC affects their value that much, Max Friberg would be our number one ranked prospect and Etem would be ranked much lower.
Yes and one knew who Friberg was prior to this other than some in the know Swedes. That tournament actually gave his name some value to those who watch the WJC. He's still a bit obscure, but it isn't total obscurity. And actually, in many people's eyes Etem's performance at WJC started to make many people question him. There are many who will say he is overrated, and cite his WJC play as an excuse. Jack Campbell. His one selling point is that he came up huge a few times for USA. But statistically, he's been less than stellar, but that WJC performance still fuels the hype to this day. Ask anyone to defend Campbell and see if they call him "a big time player" on that topic, Bobkov. Any hopes that he would be an NHL back up or even starter existed because he showed up for Russia when it mattered. And defensemen. John Carlson wasn't totally obscure before his WJC performance, but very few people knew him and took him seriously as a defenseman. Until the WJC. Then his name started circulating a little more.

I'm not saying it's the ONLY way to get on the radar, but really? Especially this year...I can't think of a better way to do so as an Anaheim Ducks prospect. Oh and maybe Karlsson might score a few big goals so people stop thinking I'm confused (I've literally been told of by some people for "thinking Erik Karlsson was on the Ducks") and maybe they'll actually know who he is.

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