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Originally Posted by XX View Post
I find the Hurt Locker to be disturbingly unauthentic. That's why it bothers me, and why I think that movie gets way too much praise. Some of the scenes absolutely bother the **** out of me and my penchant for realism in a war setting film. Hopefully Zero Dark Thirty is different, because of the source material (stuff like No Easy Day) it is based on. Here's hoping they hired some decent coordinators to make sure everything looks right. Scenes like the .50 cal sniper crap in Hurt Locker were terrible and undercut the movie. Boal better not pull stuff like that out of his ass for this movie. Expectations are a lot higher.

She was the first woman to win. I think there's bias there because she is also directing a movie in a genre that would traditionally not be associated with a woman. I am really curious to see how ZDT turns out, as by all accounts it's a pretty dramatic step forward from Hurt Locker. Don't get me wrong, the latter is a terrific movie, but the praise heaped upon it is misguided.

Sound mixing should have gone to Star Trek or Transformers, in that order.
Thanks for the mature response.

Speaking of Sound Mixing and Editing, eliminating those from Oscar night would save some time. The producers try to get these people off the stage as quick as possible anyways. Award the technical and costume achievements another night, and add Best Ensemble.

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