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Originally Posted by Jonimaus View Post
Why would a team no one watches get a better TV deal (I realize this comes from the league)? Would KHL/Whatever european league really want to support a team that might fill 10% of its arena?
It would take way too long for a new team to become profitable, we're talking 20 years long, not 1 or 2 years.

I actually don't think a team like that would "sway people away", actually I'm 99% sure the team would be a laughingstock and people would spit on its club sign.

Maybe if that team would start in a city that has had no previous big hockey club, but the only 3 cities which could possibly host something like that, already has teams.
They'd get a better TV deal because their audience would be greater. People are going to tune in to watch big games between star players. You would too.

Profitable? It all depends on costs. I'm not saying that a league could open its doors and immediately compete for top level players with the NHL. But the underlying fundamentals are strong enough that it could after it has built up its audience and its brand.

You undoubtedly know Swedish culture better than I do. But methinks your opinion is rather biased because of your support for your local club.

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