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12-05-2012, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by AZflyingPuck View Post
Most of us didn't realize how shallow the talent pool for the Cards is and the number of injuries. Beanie is a bust, too often on the injury report.

Not often do teams replace HoF Qbs (Warner). Who has stepped in to take Marino's place? Sometimes it takes a loooonnnggg while.
Nobody has stepped in to take Marino's place. We still won the AFC East under Pennington a while back. We have had more Quarterbacks over the years than we have had years itself since Marino was done.

But then again, how long as Warner here? Marino was a product of Miami and stuck with them to the end. Who was the last QB that stuck through with the Cardinals?

To be honest though, the Cardinals need to worry about their offensive line before they worry about their QB. There are only a select few QB's that could handle the pressure that is handed down on the Cardinals every week. Offensive line can't block for anything.

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