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12-05-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Being injured all of the time doesn't make Beanie a bust. It just means he's meeting expectations. There was a reason he fell to the Cardinals in the draft. He's fitting his pre-draft scouting report PERFECTLY. We got EXACTLY the player we drafted.

I say "we" but I don't care about the Cards, at all. I can't even care about the DBacks. The Suns? Pffft... I've honestly come to a point where I like the NHL, the CHL, D1 hockey and no other sports of any kind. Never thought it'd get to this point.
I still root for the Dbacks/Suns, but it's very very hard. The reason I don't like the Cardinals is because of the Bidwells. I understand they were promised certain things when bringing a team to Arizona, but those weren't given, but they still didn't invest in the team and put a winner on the field.

Since Sarver has taken over the Suns, I've had more enjoyment out of trolling the Suns on Twitter than I have following the team. Just the other night I tweeted about how the Suns would try to hype the game against the Grizzlies. They did better than I expected, but they still lost. As soon as Nash left, the Suns have 0 advertisement and push to get people to the games.

The Diamondbacks, I can't complain too much. Gibson has changed the culture in the locker room, and these guys feel they can win. I mean hell,eth we have one of the best catchers in the league in Montero. That's one of the positions that's so hard to fill both defensively and offensively, but we have been able to. Hernandez and Putz in the bullpen are amazing. We have a great setup and finisher. I'm glad we got rid of Chris Young, very inconsistent. I will miss Drew, but he wasn't performing. He has one of the best baseball swings I have seen though. Just wasn't the same after his injury.

Diamondbacks I can respect and want to follow a lot more because we have great scouts, great management, even in the down years. Our prospects are very good, and it's just going to take time to see that.

As happy as I am for 2001, I'd much rather grow up seeing it in time, our prospects coming up, and us winning a world series through players we brought in by draft/trade and grew in our own system.

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