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12-05-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
After last year's horrible showing by ending up in the relegation round, where do most Americans see the team placing this year?

Canada, Russia and Sweden should be just as good this time around. Finland and Czech Republic might have the best rosters they have had for some time.

Jones and Galychenuk were huge losses last year, but are there any top end undrafted players in the mix this year?

I think the top five unit USA can ice is as good as anyone, but I see a real lack of depth on the squad. What is a realistic finish for USA?
I think a bronze medal is a realistic expectation.

Canada/Russia are the favorites in my mind. And then there's the other pack with Sweden, USA, Finland, Czechs.

But I wouldn't be surprised to see this team in the gold medal game or finishing 6th. It's such a crap shoot tournament (especially for our team it seems) that the only constant has been Canada and Russia with Team USA and Sweden seemingly alternating successes as well recently.

I'm not sure if some of the others in this thread are as down on this team as they seem or just tempering expectations as we've seen such uneven performances (most of us, myself included, have learned the latter the hard way). But in my mind, Galchenyuk, Gadreau, and Grimaldi are as individually talented as any forward we've put up in this tournament since Patrick Kane. Jones/Trouba are a great starting point on defense and John Gibson is up there with the best goalies we've put forth as well. That certainly doesn't lead to guaranteed success but with a team that faltered last year due to no chemistry, I'm excited to have some more individual skill this go around. If the high end guys don't produce or Gibson falters, they will probably struggle, but that's the case for almost every team outside of the notoriously stacked Canada (outside of the great equalizer - the goalie - which can even take down a stacked Canada).

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