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12-05-2012, 07:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
As I understand it, Vikke. Finland has 3 tiers in the game (SM-Liiga, Mestis and forget what the third level is called...Suomi Division?) and you can play all of them. When I start unemplyed, tier-3 Finland is where I start. Breaking the bank on a $9,000 per year superstar because he has some 10's and 11's in his technical ability column.

For Sweden, it's only Elitserien and Allsvenskan, right? What happens if you're the GM of an Allsvenskan team and you get relegated? Does the game break? Do you automatically get fired? Any idea?

It just dawned on me because in the file that I have, Rogle of all teams, was in the relegation playoffs of the Allsvenskan. Obviously, they creamed their competition...but what I wonder what happens if you get dropped to "Division 1"?

@above: If you're used to the North American way (which I was) of trades, drafting, certain attribute levels, long seasons with dense scheduling, you're in for quite a surprise. It's a good deal of adjustment but also a good challenge. Like I always say, I know how to make a "super team" in the NHL and run firewagon offenses and all that...I don't know how to make a peerless defensive squad in tier-2 Sweden with only a handful of players I'm familar with, with rules I'm not familiar with and with an NHL League Minimum Salary's worth of money to build a 22-man roster PLUS all of my 15-20 year old prospects that I must go out and find myself and sign and maintain on my J20 and J18 teams...

Quite a different experience indeed. There's too much in the game that you can challenge yourself to do to allow it to get stale...
Yeah I haven never seen someone do so good in the Euro leagues, especially while limiting themselves, great job.

When it comes to defences in the NHL I dont get into the tactics so I have never made a team play defensive but most of my teams become top flight defences. OfI used to play freeware, where defence(hitting especially) trumped all so I have always been in the mindset of acquiring defensive talent. Of course there is no substitute for having a top flight goalie.

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