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Originally Posted by superroyain10 View Post
I understand that the pp quarterback can be the most important player on the PP, but it isn't like everyone else is irrelevant.

With Lidstrom and Bourque being so close, the team-factor is something that requires deep scrutiny. If you equalize for PP% contribution, Lidstrom is 3% more productive on the PP than Bourque. Don't you think the largely inferior cast Bourque played with negates and overtakes that value?
Perhaps, we will likely never know the complete truth in this regard and I find it largely irrelevant. Bourque is ahead IMO regardless if he was less effective on the pp. he was more effective at ES where the majority of the game is played. Lidstrom closes the gap some on longevity in his later years, but it's not enough to close the gap from their earlier years, he did better later, bourque was better earlier and there is a 0% chance lids became a better player at 35-40yrs old. When they were both in the league bourque was still better, bordering on retirement. To me, it's somewhat close, yet quite clearly bourque.
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