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12-05-2012, 08:34 PM
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OPINION: I thought it was just okay. I've never been much of a guy for guns, gangs, etc. As a lot of people know I don't like the Godfather movies at all. This obviously isn't the exact same, but it gave me the same vibe. It's a solid flick with some suberb acting by Affleck, Lively, and Renner. I hated Rebecca Hall's character and it made little sense to me - but what do I know about love, I guess. Breaks down to great acting, but not a movie that pulled me in as much as I thought it would having heard the reviews.
RATING: **1/4


OPINION: Unlike The Town, the reviews for this film were weaker. And I hated the previous Bourne films. So I think that worked to my advantage because I fell in love with this flick. I felt that Cross was a more interesting character because he still felt human because he didn't have full power for the entire movie. It felt like he could be beaten if he wasn't smart and that really worked and made this feel fresh. I loved this.
RATING: ****1/4


OPINION: I've had this movie in my collection for years but never got around to watching it. My friend kept bugging me to watch it but I always ignored him. In my movie spree the other day, I pulled it out. Great flick, but it had some problems. Big problems. But I enjoyed it and it was definitely an intense movie and a gritty look at war. My grandpa who is a war veteran also really liked this, so I felt like that gives the movie even more of a boost. Good, solid flick.
RATING: ***1/2


OPINION: Probably the best WWE film release to date. The movie was gritty, bleak, and at the same time very fun. There were some parts where you could tell that the director was new, but the director redeemed himself quite nicely after his previous attempt back in 2000. I enjoyed this film from start to end but at the same time I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic features. The Road is one of my favourite films ever.
RATING: ***1/2


OPINION: Awesome, awesome, awesome. I watched it in the theater and watched it again on bluray. Amazing. Love this movie so much.
RATING: *****

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