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12-05-2012, 08:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
yeah, it's the money the Michigan Republicans are getting from their Amway overlords
Don't live in the state anymore but if they have 27 senate seats all to themselves I would be stunned. This passed the state senate at 27-11.

This is a little more complex than just one evil side of the isle and I think unfair to put that way. While the 12.8 million they had been paying over the years was about to free up there was a fight over how that would be used also. The democratic leader that ripped this plan wanted to put it in college funds. Sounds nice but that isn't for the total benefit of all Detroit school children either. Some absolutely, but they were going to have a big fight about what to do with it anyway. I am not even sure they weren't trying to push some of that money statewide, as Gretchen Whitmer who is making most the noise about this is a representative not from the Detroit area.

8,300 projected jobs with 1.9 million right there and a projected long term gain over a billion dollars pumped in doesn't sound to bad either. I am waiting to see where they want to put this to get more critical on it. But on the surface I can see why they supported it and I think people are jumping the gun here. The wings were going to get a new arena at somepoint, if this is done correctly it could be a huge gain for the city of Detroit.

I do wonder what the league thinks of this. I am sure the NHLPA could start running new numbers on Detroit, this stadium will likely push them higher up the food chain and they are already a decent earner.

Also just to be clear Ilitch really sits on both sides, but they track money on big figures like this so his history of giving money to candidates is well known.

* Very surprised as a search shows that Republicans do in fact hold 26 of the 38 seats.

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