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12-05-2012, 08:49 PM
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Two reviews already and you aren't even in the draft, I need to get on your level.
Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Boucher is definitely a AAA-calibre coach, though I have no idea what style he preferred. I love his innovative streak.
You know I'm still a bit unsure too. It's hard to say considering he probably spent 3-4 seasons coaching a team that he'd have preferred to not play at all.

His Cup winner was a really vanilla squad too. Two excellent lines in Patrick-Watson-Hextall and Schibicky and the Colvilles, elite goalie in Kerr, and a pretty average defense after Coulter. It seems interesting he won a cup with Ott Heller and Babe Pratt as two of his defenseman, so maybe he'll love Boucher and Norton?

Stumpel is a solid 2nd liner - I like his size as a contrast to the smaller, speedier Reichel. His wingers are okay - McEachern is a jack of all trades. MacDonald has one outstanding year, one good year, and the rest kind of a write off offensively. I'd love for him to provide more than scoring, considering how thin his resume is after his 2nd best year. On the other hand, a winger in the AAA draft with a top 10 finish in scoring isn't exactly a common commodity.
Yeah I really wish MacDonald had some more there too since his resume is the weakest and doesn't have anything to offset it. The fact that his body started breaking down as he got a chance to play with Apps and Pronovost didn't really help matters either, but I think he grades out as a solid second liner comparatively speaking.

Defense seems solid. Bowman is definitely better than I thought before. When I see multiple old newspaper articles calling a player a "star," I take notice. Boucher is someone I would have had my eyes on if I participated in this as a right-hander for the power play.

I like Puppa's regular season peak. I think that in retrospect, he should have won the 1996 Vezina instead of Jim Carey. He had a couple of other good seasons too. His playoff record is a little scary; how does Fowler look in the playoffs if Puppa falters?
Fowler had two playoffs in the PCHA playing two games with a total goals winner.

He had a good shot in '18 with the regular season champion Seattle Mets, but they lost in the playoffs to Vancouver. The loss was 2 goals to 3, with Game 1 being a 2-2 tie and in Game 2 Fowler allowed the lone goal. That was his best shot to play for the Cup, but then again he didn't go out too badly.

His Victoria team in '23 finished second in the PCHA and made the playoffs, but again lost to Vancouver. He actually won one of the two games this time, but lost the series played by total goals 5-3.

Boucher is a AAA coach at worst, you man. He dropped hard this time, and though much of the fall was warranted, I don't know that all of it was.

Are we sure Fowler shouldn't be the starter?
Boucher was also the first coach to use two goalies apparently so I imagine he'll split both throughout the season. The question is who starts in the playoffs, which I really don't know. Puppa's pretty weak when it comes to the playoffs and Fowler's a question mark.

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